Footprint - Kingfoam Elite Moldable Insoles

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Used to do the biggest ollie in the history of skateboarding the Footprint Kingfoam Elite Hi Moldable Insoles are built for impact. With a thickness of 10mm in the heel to 5mm in the toe these insole will absorb more impact than the average shoe insole. Featuring a heel cup that wraps around the entire ball of the heel, heel bruises will be a thing of the past.

  • Kingfoam
  • Determining Your Foot Type
  • 5mm Toe to 10mm Heel
  • Blunt Trauma Protection
  • Updated Stability
  • Custom Heel cup Cradles the Heel and Disperses Energy Away From the Center of the Heel Further Reducing Heel Bruise
  • Absorbs Over 90% of Shock Energy in astim f1614 lab Test

Kingfoam - All Footprint soles are covered from heel to toe with Kingfoam, a military grade urethane that converts the force of impacts into heat. Absorbs 90% of impact energy and protects against bruises and joint damage.